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Eastern Media Con

EMC is a multi-fandom multimedia convention run by fans for fans. Held in New Jersey at the sumptuous Newark Airport Hilton and sponsored by Light & Shadow Press, EMC was conceived to fill the gap left by the departure of EclectiCon. We are dedicated to serving the needs of both gen and slash media fans. The con atmosphere is tolerant, inclusive, and open-minded. We welcome all media fans who want to enjoy fantastic fannish programming amidst affordable luxury.

EMC Features for Your Pleasure:
Art Show
Print Shop
Pool Party
Fan Mixers
Albie Awards
Dealers Room
Games, Prizes, Raffles
Free Pizza-Pizza Snack Time
Panels, Panels, Panels, Panels
Free Saturday Night Dessert Buffet
Spectacular Saturday Night Entertainment
Free *HOT* Breakfast Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
Sumptuous Con Suite Filled with Homemade Goodies

EMC 1 Flyer

EMC 2007: Believing that conventions are the universities of fandom, EMC's con co-chairs imagined a space where fans from across the country—from around the world!—could come together for a time to share ideas and passionate debates, to explore more deeply a well-known topic, or discover new fields of endeavor. A convention, like a university, attracts those who create art, literature, and short films. Such was the atmosphere at EMC1, and, in the evenings, when examination was temporarily put aside, collegial merriment abounded, fueled by food, drink, song, dance and, most importantly, united purpose.

For the weekend of August 24-26, 2007, our campus was the Newark Airport Hilton and the “classrooms” were the various workshop and panel rooms. For professors we looked no further than the fans at our side (or even the mirror), because at EMC1, the fans determined the curriculum and shared their extensive knowledge with likeminded fans. We had so much fun that . . .

EMC 2 Flyer

EMC 2008 came into being to answer a question: What is the formula for love?  For fans, it might look something like this:

Fandom Formula

But what is that "X" factor? That mysterious something that inspires fans to graft themselves onto the trunk of a particular TV show, movie, book, or comic? Like a lot of people, including studio executives, the EMC ConCom doesn't know exactly what makes great media great—but we know it when we see it! And we saw the reflection of that greatness at fan conventions: the wonderful artwork, thrilling vids, gripping fan stories, and sincere and passionate exchange of ideas that take place in our panel rooms.

Everyone who attended EMC2 was invited to explore the formula of fandom. The fannish faculty provided the learning laboratory and all the tools necessary to create an innovative equation, elaborate upon an old theory, or discover a fresh principle. In short, fans took the opportunity to meet and make new friends, review fandoms old, and partake of fandoms new-to-them. The beloved scientist Einstein, upon whom our mascot is based, never lost his sense of play and delight in the world. Fans shelved their everyday concerns, at least for the weekend of October 3-5, 2008, and allowed themselves to experience with renewed eyes and thoughts the wonder that is fandom.

But what about EMC 2009? The extraordinary fiscal events of 2009 have taken a tremendous toll upon the world. Many businesses, homes, and jobs have fallen by the wayside as the current financial crisis mows through every sector of American life. Unsurprisingly, fandom must also weather this fiscal storm, necessitating the difficult decision to place EMC on hiatus. Please click the button below to learn more about EMC's hiatus status.

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Despite being on hiatus, EMC is still alive and active! In the short term, we plan the following:

To keep the spirit of Eastern Media Con alive, everyone is invited to a big EMC bash at MediaWest*Con 29, held over Memorial Day weekend in Lansing, Michigan. There will be mixers, games, prizes, vids, and food—so bring your crazy hat and get ready to party!

Our website will continue to be updated with EMC news and events.

The official EMC discussion list will remain open and active with your continued support.

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And you can always contact us to discuss EMC at:

Here's hoping the economy recovers quickly so that we can get back to the business of having fun!

Sincerely Yours in Fandom,
Glow, Kath, and Tiger


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